The shorter Winter days, along with cooler and longer nights draw us to cozy comfort foods and festive holiday baked treats.  Being an Irish implant in Atlanta, Georgia has given me a sense of appreciation of our Christmas traditions are rooted in the beliefs of the ancient Celts.  Christmas is a time to enjoy festive Irish Whiskey cocktails and Mulled Wine by a crackling fireside with stories about mistletoe, holly, ivy, and the Yule log that all originated in those ancient Celtic lands of Ireland and northern Europe. The scents and tastes of Christmas  come alive with festive oranges, cranberries, spices and fresh ginger.  Baking and cooking  seasonally inspired  foods take you across the Atlantic Ocean to the Emerald Isle days before the Winter Solstice where the Celtic people celebrated the turning of the year, a time where darkness once again was overcome by light, and the days would again start to become longer.

Here is a Celtic Christmas Blessing from my home to yours….

“The Light of the Christmas Star to you

The Warmth of the Home and Hearth to you

The Cheer of the Goodwill of friends to you

The hope of a Childlike heart to you

The Joy of a thousand angels to you

The Love of the Son and God’s Peach to you”

Judith the Irish Foodie