Looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day gift?  Look no further than Noel Cunningham’s Modern Irish Manners Guide by O’Brien Press.   This book is a wonderful read for anyone visiting Ireland and gives insight and confidence to travelers visiting, especially for the first time.  It’s also just a fun read for anyone who loves all loves to travel and enjoys Irish style and good manners.

When I moved the the American South 20 years ago a friend gave me a book called “Girls Raised in the South” a fun guide to Southern manners that opened up my mind to so many ‘cultural norms’ I was quite frankly missing as an Irish import. Just over 10 years ago I established Shamrock and Peach Tours, and as the owner and guide, I escort US groups on luxury tours  all over Ireland (and Scotland too). My guests trust me to guide them about modern Irish manners especially with tipping, how to dress for dinner and understand the culture.

When I read this book I felt it was a ‘God send’ to travelers visiting Ireland and it’s one I will be ordering more to give away to friends again and again.

So, Congratulations to Noel Cunningham for this good read and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock and Peach

(Judith) x