Dark Chocolate and Blue Cheese is a divine food pairing combination!    It’s an example of one of the many surprises guests have when they dine at the tables of modern Irish Chefs in Ireland.  The first time I tried this taste sensation was at the Lough Erne Resort at the Catalina Restaurant with Chef Noel McMeel. Chef Noel introduced this course as a ‘pre dessert’ to our tour guests, and our sommelier suggested pairing it with a glass of Ruby Port Wine.  Some guests were cautious of the pairing because it sounded unusual,  but it seemed everyone expressed being ‘surprised’ and that’s always such a treat when we experience the ‘unexpected’.

Back in 2014 I had the opportunity to be featured with Chef Noel McMeel and Chef Stephen Holland at the James Beard House in New York; and this is one of the courses we served on the menu.  I can remember the course sending shock waves of tantalizing emotions as some guests tasted a new food pairing taste, sending their taste buds exploding.   We paired it with Irish Cashel Blue Cheese and used Valrhona Dark Chocolate to make the ganache.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentines!

Shamrock and Peach